Welcome to the Southern Academy of Holistic Therapies (SAHT) which provides training in a number of holistic therapies through our uniquely structured programmes. Our courses are small and friendly, with the maximum class size of 20 individuals, enabling a personal hands-on teaching approach where you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective practitioner.

We care deeply about our students and want them to be successful, not only so they can help their clients in the future but also by spreading the word and encouraging others to train. We will do everything we can to make sure of their success, because as therapists ourselves we love to see people achieve their dreams.

Many of the courses, invite you to think differently about the world you live in and change your life and the lives of those around you.

We endeavour to provide as much information as we can, keep you up to date with developments in the news section and even recommend additional reading to help you gain a well rounded knowledge base. Please feel free to browse through the web site which we hope will inspire you to follow your dreams. Should you have any queries or questions that we haven't covered here just drop us a line through the contact form and we will answer as quickly as possible.

All courses are accredited with SAHT and with recognised National bodies such as National Council of Hypnotherapists (NCH).