SAHT Healing - Practitioner Level Three

Practitioner Level Three is the final and more advanced section covering slightly more sensitive areas in which your work as a healer will entail. We also look at some of the more administrative areas which you will need for regulatory purposes.


We will be looking at the theory and putting into practice the following skills:

Loss and Bereavement

Active Listening Skills

Psychometric Skill

Record Keeping

Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures


2 day course- £65 (Please note: No meals or accommodation are included in this fee)

This section of the course is designed to develop your healing abilities to the highest level. Once this level has been completed and passed then you will receive your diploma certificate and be qualified to sign up for the SAHT Angels Healing.

The SAHT conforms to the standards set out by the regulatory bodies of spiritual healing in the UK.