SAHT Healing Diploma

Healing has been practised for many centuries across many cultures and has been tried, tested and demonstrated to be proven and effective in playing an effective role in restoring the body, mind and soul to full health.

It is known that there is a direct relationship between physical, mental and emotional states. When all of these states are in harmony we are at our healthiest. The healer plays a significant and positive role in achieving this although the energy does not come from the healer but is channelled through them.

The SAHT Healing Diploma is very much a hands on interactive course designed to allow anyone to become an energy healer. It is a journey where personal healing will take place as well as spiritual development making it a stand-alone course for those just seeking personal healing.

There are three levels to the course, all of which must be completed to obtain the diploma.

We also run an SAHT Angels Healing course which is available to anyone already qualified as a healer.

The SAHT conforms to the standards set out by the regulatory bodies of spiritual healing in the UK.