Hypnotherapy Diploma

The Practitioner Diploma Course is approximately 150 hours duration of classroom study. There is additional reading required plus practice group sessions to help the classroom tuition become memorable. You will not only learn to become a hypnotherapist but also an effective psychotherapist too.

The completion of all sessions and paperwork leads to a Diploma qualification (DHP).

This course is aimed at people with no prior experience of hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. All you need to have is a reasonable level of intelligence, a degree of self-awareness, good intentions and a willingness to learn.

You do not need to have a 'special gift' to be able to hypnotise people; it is a skill that can be practiced by anyone who has been taught how.

Our course has clear cut modules with extensive courses notes which include a comprehensive introduction during which you will learn the history and basic techniques before progressing through advanced techniques and learning how to deal with addictions, anxiety, phobias, NLP, chronic illness and pain control to mention just a few. Full details are available in our brochure.

Regardless of your intentions or reasons for wanting to learn hypnotherapy you will learn many skills from understanding the central role of hypnosis in all therapeutic interventions, relief of symptoms, structuring an effective therapy session, cognitive therapy and it's uses, paradoxical interventions, rules of social influence, to the Observing Self - how to use it and develop it. This list is long and endless but I'm sure you would be able to add to it by the time you complete the course.

By graduation you would have acquired many abilities which will enable you to treat a wide variety of disorders with a versatile approach by using cognitive, interpersonal or behavioural therapy with hypnotherapy.

This course will allow you to have a very clear understanding and perception of human psychology and behaviour but in addition to the standard approaches you will have gained the experience, confidence and knowledge to create you own interventions and solutions.