Demand for effective therapists is increasing year-on-year. Public awareness of the varying efficacies of different therapies is growing, and people are seeking brief, solution-focused therapy that can help them quickly.

Most of our courses are evenly spread over approximately 10 months enabling what we are teaching to be lasting and memorable. We design them to focus on practical skills which include practice groups so that you can try first hand what you are learning and query any points where you may need additional help.

We have a high trainer to student ratio with a friendly, knowledgeable approach so that you can develop your knowledge and be assured personal attention at all time in our relaxed and fun-learning environment that keeps you motivated.

You will always have someone you can call with our personal mentor scheme which continues for up to three months after you graduate ensuring help when you need it whether it's course work, support or an opinion on a client.

We train using the Tell, Show, Do training method. This involves providing theory and background (tell), demonstrations (show), then setting an exercise for you to complete (do). This method ensures we cater to all learning styles and, together with extensive course notes and clear modular format, ensures you always have access to what you have learned and confidence in your knowledge.

You will find it easy to improve your skills and confidence with our detailed constructive written feedback and we will continue to support you via online forums and local peer groups, even provide information needed to help you set up your business together with free advertising through our website in the 'Find a Therapist' section.

Our classes are held in London, Bristol and Cardiff, all of which are accessible by road or rail and have good public transport infrastructures.

As we have previously stated, we keep our classes small, a maximum of approximately 20 people. This enables us to ensure that they have a friendly and relaxed environment in which we are able to have a more personal approach to your training. This ethos helps you to become a competent and confident in your growing abilities more quickly.