Pearls of Happiness

Spread a little happiness around and the world becomes much better, not to mention nicer, place to be.

As we all know happiness is a state of mind but being able to maintain that state is another thing. This workshop teaches some of the methods to enable you to do just that.

I'm sure you are all familiar with the laws of attraction and this being the case, when you are happy life runs a lot smoother, enabling us to cope with the majority minor problems and irritations that day to day living throws at us.

During this workshop we'll look at your strengths and how to use them more on a daily basis giving you a sense of well-being and productiveness. Happiness or a good state of mind is largely to do with how we feel about ourselves and how positive your attitude to life is.

We will be looking at active and constructive responding and how not to take your blessings for granted. Many people will find this course a real eye opener as to how they currently live their lives and how little changes can really change things.

Let us help you to achieve this state and live your life to the full, which of course, will attractive more happiness and more cheerful people into your life.

No prior experience is required and this information is applicable to both practitioners and lay people.

Cost: £55 per person (plus £5 for lunch)

Courses will start from February/March - for further detail please fill in the Contact Form.

Class sizes are small so book now to avoid disappointment by contacting Celia on 07517665593 or simply print off and fill in the booking form below or from the Downloads page.