About Us

Celia and Nicky first met when they trained together at the Quest Institute under the guidance of Trevor Silvester and have stayed in touch ever since, keeping each other up to date with latest developments in various fields.

A few years ago they realised that a lack of regular affordable training available for people wishing to study various holistic therapies with a view to setting up their own practices. More recently they decided it was time to help others who were eager to train, especially in the current economic climate which is creating many redundancies and a general lack of jobs. If you are interested in training in a holistic therapy, then we will provide you with the best training we can, making sure that you are fully competent, ethical and knowledgeable, giving you advice and the best chance possible to set up on your own.

Both Nicky and Celia have extensive training, knowledge and experience in various fields and, despite both having busy lives, they came together and set up The Southern Academy of Holistic Therapies. As you can see from this web site, they not only provide uniquely structured courses and workshops but also provide a wealth of additional information around the subjects through downloads, news items or book recommendations.

Celia Arthur and Nicky McCallumIf you wish to find out more about Nicky you can visit her Middx Hypnotherapy site (currently still under construction) whilst Celia's information, Hypnotherapy practices, life coaching, healing and various workshops can be found at Making Changes Peacefully.

There will be more courses and workshops added in the future. SAHT has a number of affiliated trainers in other holistic therapies, so if you know of a group of people who wish to do a workshop in a field that is not on our course list then please feel free to contact either Celia or Nicky and they will arrange the rest according to the number of people interested.

A very popular workshop amongst professionals from all backgrounds is Stress Management or Meditation Techniques and Benefits but there are many more, just check out the Workshops page or click on the links above.